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It's no secret that thousands of foreclosed homes hit the market every day.  Have you ever stopped to think, what happens now?  These homes are left with debris inside and out and the grass is left uncut for weeks or months. 

Can the bank sell the foreclosures in this condition? 
Will the employees at the bank clean foreclosures? NO! 
Will the realtor be able to show the property in this condition? NO! 
Will the banks pay someone to clean foreclosured homes and cut the lawn?   YES! 

Why?  These properties need to get back on the market  ASAP! 
The banks and mortgage companies get calls all the time from County agencies and Home Owner Associations about the conditions of these properties.  When the properties are left in dispare it causes code violations in which the Banks can, and will, get fined if they are not corrected.  It also causes the value of surrounding homes to go down.  Now you can see why the banks would rather pay someone to clean out foreclosures instead of collecting fines and not be able to put the home back on the market and continue to lose more and more money.
This was a video done in February by NBC on cleaning out foreclosures. The amount of foreclosures have Trippled since this video was aired.
The downturn in the economy has created one
of the LARGEST business opportunities
in the past 25 years!!

This is the right business at the right time!!
Turn this
Into this
Can you
Change Doorknobs
Change lightbulbs
Wipe counters
If you answered YES to these questions then you can PROFIT from cleaning out foreclosures!
This book is truly remarkable, we have been doing business with Steve for going on a year now. My profits and earning potential have skyrocketed. The work is easy and the feeling of secureness of not having to always worrying about being paid is great. Thanks Steve for helping us get our company heading in the right direction.
Patrick D.

Thanks for the great info on the cleaning foreclosure business. I had heard about it but never knew how to get started, it was low cost and very easy with your guide and at 23 years old i have started my own business. I cant thank you enough.

Jamie B.

Can You:
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March 2011:  $19,437.37
April   2011:  $38,116.79
July    2011:   $49,283.08
   TOTAL=      $106,837.24
HINT: These check stubs are from just 1 of the 5 clients we service!
From the office of Steve Baty
Monday, Oct 1st 2011:

This is a 100% information filled TRUE guide. I'm sure you have bought money making ideas on the Internet before with people promising millions overnight with the push of a button, i guess by now you have figured out that it doesn't happen that way.
   This is a real business and it takes no experience, and very low money up front, in fact you probably have all the necessary tools at your own home (mop, broom, vacuum, etc..) to start this business.
    The biggest step is to make the decision to DO IT and start to profit from this HUGE growing industry before someone else in you area does. You can start part time doing 1 or 2 properties a week or full time doing 1 to 3 a day. The average pay per house is $500 upwards to $3000.
    I started my company doing 3 houses a week by myself and in 3 years have grown to 17 employees over 3 states and making a 6 figure income from the comfort of my own home. This works and i will show you how!
   You will have access to the companies that send out thousands of work orders each and every day, what is expected by the companies you receive work through, access to our group where we discuss business strategies and ideas, and there will also be someone available to answer any questions you have along the way as you learn the business from our group.

Your opportunity is HERE and the time is NOW!!
This guide was not copied and pasted, its not 500 pages, its not a resell, and its not full of a bunch of crap that you will never use. This guide was comprised and written by ME, STEVE, the Owner of a thriving Foreclosure clean out business. The pictures and testimonials on this site are from real people who have used this book to start their own successful company and from jobs that we personally have completed (actually some of the pictures above are from my testimonial people). This business works!
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Frequently asked Questions:

Q: Do i need a contractors license to clean foreclosures?

A: No you do not. You do not need a contractors license to clean out normal garbage and to sweep, mop and/or cut grass.

Q: I heard this was an expensive business to be in, is this true?

A: No it is not true. For the homes we clean we only purchase cleaning supplies which usually last for 10 or more homes, air fresheners that we purchase at the dollar stores and our state requires 2 battery smoke detectors in each home, our cost is less than $30 per house.

Q: Is it hard to get work cleaning out foreclosed homes?

A: It is not if you know who to contact, there are companies that hand out thousands of work orders everyday.

Q: Do you have to handle hazardous materials?

A: No we don't. If there is anything hazardous then we call a company who specializes in the hazard and get a bid from them and then add our percentage to bid to the bank, we make money without touching anything hazardous.

Q: Can i make money without doing the work?

A: Of course you can. We take on A LOT of jobs and we sub a lot out. There are a lot of jobs where we make 1k to 2k without doing anything besides subbing out the work.

Q:  Why is your guide only $37 and others are a lot higher?

A: We are currently in the business ourselves and make plenty of profit doing the homes. We aren't trying to get rich from selling a book about a business that we don't do. There is plenty of work for everyone and we want to help those that need work due to the slow down in the economy.

Q:  What kind of group do you have that we can join?

A: it is a group of other who clean foreclosures and we share ideas, tips and secrets about what we have learned along the way. We have people in the group (including myself) who have been doing this for awhile and can teach you how to profit as much as you can from these homes and answer any questions you have about the work.
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